Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Little Update

First of all, happy Thanksgiving! I actually wrote this two days ago and scheduled it for today because I'm busy stuffing myself with turkey and pie (as I hope you are, too--even if you aren't American/are vegetarian/don't celebrate Thanksgiving for one reason or another, I wish you turkey and pie to make your day merrier. Okay, if you're a vegetarian, I won't wish turkey on you, but I will wish pie).

Ahem. Onto more relevant things.

I have been sadly lacking in reviews for the blog, but I have lots of good reasons:

1. I have been reading, but I've been reading three different books, which each take up different amounts of my time and for some annoying reason or another, I can't seem to finish any of them.

2. I have been swamped with other school reading and homework, what with finals coming up.

3. Not only have I been doing schoolwork, I've also been visiting family and being out of town quite a bit lately.

And perhaps the most valid reason of all:

4. I am getting married in less than a month, which takes up a lot of my time and, more important, almost all my focus.

So anyway. I really have been reading, though, and I promise reviews soon. Here's just a few thoughts on the books I've been reading:

Mrs. Dalloway: A review of this will be coming shortly, since I only have about 50 pages left (and I have to finish it by Monday). It took me several pages to just be able to follow the story at all and figure out what was going on, but now that I've pushed through that initial stage, I'm really enjoying this book. I'm actually finding it sort of magical. I've also been very inspired to read more from and more about Virginia Woolf. A biography, perhaps?

Little Women: I keep mentioning this in order to sigh over the warm fuzziness of this book, and I'll gladly sigh over it a little more now. I really wish I'd given this book more attention when I was younger. Even though it goes against everything my English professors have taught me, I flatly refuse to acknowledge any faults about this book. (Well, not at this point, anyway. I'm sure I'll be happy to mention faults in my official review.) It's been just what I need, and I've been loving every minute of it.

The Romance of the Forest: I've actually been enjoying this book a lot as well, although so far I've had infuriatingly little time to read it. The characters are a little flat and uninteresting, but I'm expecting some serious action in the pages ahead... (Okay, I admit it. I actually speed-read the entire thing one afternoon a week or so ago, so I know most of the events that are going to happen. Believe it or not, this actually makes me more excited to read it and soak up the details.)

The Old Man and the Sea: Um, what? Who put that on there? Okay, so I might have started reading it in the hopes that I would finally finish this tiny book that I have never managed to finish. Well, the moral of the story is that just because a book is short and easy doesn't mean I'm actually going to read it. I think this will have to go back to the library for now... Maybe next year...

Also, I've found one or two more challenges I'm planning to sign up for for next year. So when I come back from vacation, I will have posts detailing my blogging adventures in the year to come!

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