Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wicked Wildfire Readathon: Sign-up and Goals

Over the past couple days, I've been a little down on reading motivation, turning to other, more useless pursuits, like comedy TV. Clearly, I need a readathon to motivate me. So I'm signing up for this year's Wicked Wildfire readathon!
Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon 2014

Normally I say things like, "I'm really busy so I'm just going to set easy goals," and stuff like that. Well, not this time. This summer I have buckets of time and now that I'm mostly unpacked in my new place, I can focus on reading. And it's high time. (Although, in my defense, I really have been doing more reading than it seems like. I have about five reviews waiting to be published and one waiting to be written. I don't know what's up with my habit of writing them and not actually posting them these days.)

So, here are my goals: 

1. Finish Refuge, which is due to the library in a few days and I've already renewed it once. I'm having a very hard time finishing the thing but I really want to like it, so I'm going to buckle down and finish it. 

2. Start and make good progress (getting at least halfway through) on at least 3 books I already own. I have a lot of books I haven't read yet and they've been very tempting lately, so I want to get into them. 

3. Finish at least one book I started during the readathon. Shouldn't be too hard, right? As long as I choose short enough books...

4. Write regular updates of my reading! I need to just get myself on the blog more often, and if that means rambling about my daily reading, then so be it. 

It's been a while since I've done a readathon--and an even longer while since I've actually felt like I had enough time to really participate--so I'm excited! I would have made more specific goals, but I'm not in the middle of very many books right now, so I don't have a lot I need to finish. Plus I mainly just want to get interested in reading again, so I'm not going to tie myself down to selections that I might not enjoy very much. 

Are you joining the Wicked Wildfire Readathon? 

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