Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top Ten Books Read in 2013

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So far in 2013, I've read a whopping...24 books!! ...Okay, that's not very many, but may I add that I've also read at least 200 pages of anthologized, tiny-print short stories, poetry, and non-fiction for school? Not to mention I've been spending a lot of time on various other school reading. That should add at least five books worth of material. 

Anyway, here are my top ten out of those 24, from least favorite to most favorite (does that count as redundant?): 

10. In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto. This was a very interesting and refreshing non-fiction book looking at nutrition in a basic, fundamental way. 

9. The Paris Wife. This was such an interesting take on Ernest Hemingway's first wife. 

8. Great Expectations. I'm glad I finally read another Dickens! It was a good, thought-provoking classic. 

7. All Roads Lead to Austen. I really enjoyed looking at Austen in such a culturally different way in this book. 

6. The Old Man and the Sea. This book hasn't been easy for me to read in the past, but I finally got through it and really enjoyed it at last. 

5. The Happiness Project. A fun and inspiring read. 

4. Night. This book is amazingly well-written and poignant. It was difficult to read, but I'm glad I did. 

3. Julia Child's My Life in France. This book was so fun, and very inspiring! Julia Child has a very unique and pleasant voice and it was so fun to read about her adventures and challenges. 

2. Northanger Abbey. I wasn't sure what to expect with this lesser-known Austen, but it was such a treat to read! It was very witty and quite dripping with sarcasm. 

1. A Room with a View. This book surpassed my expectations and was absolutely lovely. 

I'm actually a little astonished at how little I've read this year! It feels like more. I guess that means I'd better get reading! Thankfully, I'm nearly to my halfway point on my goal to read 50 books, and I think I'll finish up the last one pretty quick. 

What are your favorite books you've read this year? 


  1. I see a few to add to my TPR pile. May you continue reading great books!!

    Here is my Top Ten post!