Tuesday, August 13, 2013

15-Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 7: Blogging Quirks

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Day 7 is for talking about our blogging quirks. I have my fair share, so here goes. Bullet list! 
  • I usually don't schedule my posts. I do sometimes (ironically, I've been doing it for this challenge) but for the most part, I want to be there for the big PUBLISH. Who knows why. So if I do write a post before I want to publish it (which does happen fairly often), I just save it and let it waste away until I'm there to hit the button. (Aaaand sometimes I forget about it just a little bit.)
  • For the most part, I don't care that much about views. I sometimes consult them to see which posts are the most popular, but I usually rely on comments more for that (I like posting things that people feel compelled to respond to). So I don't use anything for analytics. I probably will someday, but for now it's still all about the books, for me. 
  • I'm in a constant struggle with myself about ads. They don't bother me on other people's blogs, and frankly they actually appear somewhat more professional to me. Of course I've been tempted to use them on my blog, but I'm afraid people would take it the wrong way. And besides, I'm sure I wouldn't make any real money off them (if I made any money off them) for at least several years, if that. But why not just try, when I love blogging so much? 
  • I do not believe in organization when it comes to my posts. (**She said while using bullet points. ...Um...yeah.) Trying to write what I consider to be a clear "review," which a professionally-written, objective summary, a star rating, and a specific number of words just makes my creativity take a dive off a cliff. I like to keep my posts informal and conversational. 
  • I use parentheses all the time. And I don't do that in most of my writing. One day I decided to try not to use parentheses so much in my blog posts, and I had a really hard time doing it. I've just decided to accept that I really love parentheses. I hope it doesn't drive any of you insane. 
  • I almost always come off too strong in my posts. I declare my unending hatred or love for a book or author or whatever, and then I come to later regret it. Actually, I've been considering editing some of my past posts to be a little less offensive. (Okay, mostly it's the unending hatred that I regret.) The truth is, there are no books that I really hate that much. Even the fling-worthy Atlas Shrugged had some redeeming features. I'm a lot more moderate in my head than I am on paper (or, um, screen?). I promise I won't hate you if you like a book I claim to detest. 
  • I have a really hard time keeping my posts short. (Yeah, I bet you didn't even notice.) But I've been trying to do better lately. 
  • I don't actually go by my real name here on my blog, which might come as a bit of a surprise since "Emily Coleman" doesn't sound like a pen name. My first name really is Emily, but my last name isn't Coleman. I will probably change my last name on Google eventually. 
I didn't realize until now just how many blogging quirks I have. Thanks for sticking with me in spite of them all! 
What are your blogging quirks? 


  1. Blogging quirks? Hmm. I use too many dashes and exclamation points. I can write a whole paragraph rhapsodizing on how a man gets on and off a horse. I think of 20 things to say, then only say 10 of them because I forget the others by the time I have a chance to blog... and my posts still get really long. I've been known to write one more paragraph just so I can include one more screencap.

    Are those quirks? Or just habits?

    1. Maybe both? :P If it makes any difference, I actually appreciate bloggers a lot more when they can and do get overenthusiastic in their posts. There's a space for us to say whatever we want on the Internet; we'd better use it for something we're passionate about, I say!