Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wicked Wildfire Readathon: Day 3

Books read today: When Did I Get Like This?, The Reader
All books finished: Refuge, When Did I Get Like This?

11:00 am: I didn't do any more updates yesterday because I got kind of busy, but I did manage to keep doing some reading throughout the day, albeit not as impressively as the day before. My afternoon was mostly spent doing things around the house, but I spent a lovely evening with Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette is now a teenager in the French court, trying to please everyone (her husband not least). I'm getting really into this book! I didn't expect to fly through 50 pages in one day (and yes, that's a lot; the print is small, and it's a dense biography). For some reason I'm worried that I'm going to eventually abandon it; maybe because it's so long. Well, I'm already 100 pages through, so only about 400 pages to go. I think I can do it...

This morning I've been immersed in When Did I Get Like This? I'm probably going to finish it by the end of the day; it's such a breezy read, I only have 50 pages left. Woohoo! Once I finish it, I'll already have two of my goals for the readathon done--the two I thought were going to be the hardest. I thought I was challenging myself with my goals, but apparently I was going way too easy on myself! I just have a lot more time to read these days than I normally do. This is already the most successful readathon I've ever done.

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