Thursday, August 29, 2013

15-Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 9: Why?

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Today's question is "Why do you blog about books?" 

Whew. That's kind of a tough question. 

I've been blogging for quite a few years now, believe it or not, although I only started actually getting serious about it over the past year or so. As a teenager, I started a blog I called "Black Paint" (the title was meaningless). Since I didn't know what I wanted to blog about, I used the tagline "randominity under cover of darkness." Yep, I'm a clever one. And the blog was very random. My parents were concerned about my Internet safety, so I wasn't allowed to write anything about my life. Mainly, the entire blog was just me trying to be funny. 

After a while, I realized that I'm not very funny and I needed a blog where I could be more serious and post some of my real writing. So I created a blog I called "Pass the Chocolate," which I thought was a slightly more clever title than "Black Paint" (I'm still very attached to both names, but I guess they're in the bloggy graveyard now). Pass the Chocolate was allegedly my writing blog, and I felt a little more free to write about things that actually had to do with real life (although I was still very careful). I also posted book reviews on occasion. And I really liked writing book reviews. 

I kept up this blog for a couple years, and I slowly realized that I was seriously missing out by not having an actual book blog. I started visiting other book blogs and participated in a reading challenge, and I caught a glimpse of the book blogging world. I thought, "Whoa! I want to be part of this!" After some time and consideration, I decided to just go for it and create a book blog in addition to the blog I already had. (Pass the Chocolate was recently retired in favor of another blog.) So Classics and Beyond was born. 

Of course, I've loved reading for years and I would still read if I didn't have a book blog. But having my own book blog gives me citizenship in the really amazing book blogging world. Book blogging, to me, is more than just about books. It's about connecting with people that I would never meet in real life, except that we both happen to like the same books. It's about joining up with a bunch of other people to read a really hard book together and cheering each other on. It's about learning to be more open-minded and expanding my worldview. It's about being part of a community. 

That's why I blog about books. 


  1. Yep, that's what I like too! :) (Not that I've posted anything in a week. Ahem.)

    1. Maybe that's why I like your blog so much! :) And we all get too busy to blog every once in a while...

  2. Bloggy graveyard? That's very funny!

    But in all seriousness, that is an exceptional reason for blogging.