Thursday, June 13, 2013

WW Readathon (an actual update)

So, as you can see, I tried to do the kinds of updates you see on other people's blogs during a just one post on which I update my daily stats, like how many pages I read. Well. That totally failed. I thought I would try it so I could see my progress and I wouldn't feel obligated to post my thoughts every day, but it turns out that even though I do like to see my progress, I have a really hard time keeping track of my daily page numbers. And I actually really like posting my thoughts, and I missed being able to do that.

This readathon started out...sort of strong...but the middle has been not so good. I had tons of homework to do since it's almost the end of the term, and on top of that, my husband and I randomly decided to move to a different apartment. And of course, there's this guy around here that I hang out with sometimes.

(That would be my case my terrible joke was lost in the ambiguity that is the typed word.)

I did, however, manage to snatch a few pages here and there, and finally, FINALLY, reached my goal to finish the biography I was working on for extra credit in one of my classes. Yippee! I enjoyed it, but since I don't have much to say about it, I won't be blogging about it. I'm glad to be done with it; I've really had my eye on Like Water for Chocolate. Or maybe one of the other great finds I got at the library book sale.

Even though I probably won't be able to read much before the end of tomorrow, I am mostly just happy that I got that book finished. Hurrah! I hope you're finishing all your readathon goals as well!


  1. Yeah, I turned out to be terrible at page counts. Eh, page count shmage count, we had some fun right?