Monday, January 14, 2013

Celebrating Dickens!

So far this year, I have been pretty pleased with what I'm reading. For months I've been starving for "fun" books, having been reading so many classics for school. So at the beginning of the month, I marched out (well, drove out) to the library and brought home a stack of my favorite non-classic genre, memoirs.

Well, this has all been really fun, I don't deny that. But now that I've forsaken classics for a few weeks, I'm discovering that now the tables have turned: I'm hungry for classics now. I was wanting dessert, but now that all I have is dessert, I'm wishing for my red meat and green vegetables! (Okay, I think I've been reading too many food books.)

Also, ever since I read A Christmas Carol for one of my classes, Charles Dickens has intrigued me more than ever before. I realized how very unfamiliar I am with Dickens, having only read that slim little book and the ever-popular A Tale of Two Cities. I've never read Great Expectations or Oliver Twist. I've never read the ones my teachers and English student friends have praised to the skies, Our Mutual Friend and Bleak House. What's wrong with me?? So I put just about every popular Dickens book on my Classics Club list and vowed I would read more Dickens in 2013.

So, you can see that I would jump at the chance to dedicate the month of February to celebrating Dickens and all his works!

During the month of February, I'll be reading Great Expectations and any other Dickens books I deem I have time for (I'm crossing my fingers for Our Mutual Friend, but we'll see...). I'll also hopefully be able to read a biography about his life to learn more about who he was and what writing meant to him. (I actually have already read a biography about Dickens, but despite that, I know very little about him.) I want to really spend the month of February entering the world of Dickens!

Dickens and Me
Great Expectations

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