Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter's Respite Read-a-Thon: Day 4

Thursday, Jan. 24
# of pages read: 132
Books read:
Versailles: Biography of a Palace
Northanger Abbey
Books finished: 1
Total # of pages read: 313

11:00 am: I had to go to the Social Security office this morning, and I was totally going to bring Versailles to read while I was waiting, and then I forgot it. (No lie. I also forgot my phone. I don't know where my brain is today.) So, unfortunately, I haven't read a page yet today, but I'm about to! I'm planning to get quite a bit more reading done today than I did yesterday, and it's actually starting to look feasible. See you soon!

4:17 pm: Despite having another appointment I had to keep (aka not laziness), I got in 71 pages of reading. And now that I'm free for the rest of the evening (not to mention completely alone, since my husband is working), I can read more and finally cross that 100-pages-in-a-day bridge. (I really thought I would have done that by now, but this week has turned out to be much busier than I expected!) If I can stay focused, I would love to finish Versailles tonight so I can focus on Northanger Abbey for the rest of the weekend. I made a pretty lofty goal to finish both of them and start on Ivanhoe before the week is out. I'm willing to give myself a break due to unforeseen circumstances that occurred this week, but I would like to at least come close to my goal!

8:10 pm: Crossed the 100-pages/day mark without a hitch in the past few hours! I do feel like I'm taking too much time per page looking at how long I took (three hours and only about 60 pages?) but like I mentioned before, the text in my edition of Northanger Abbey is very dense, so I'm allowing myself that. I'm getting to the good part (well, it's been pretty good so far, actually) of NA--Catherine just got invited to Northanger Abbey with the Tilneys! It's fun not to know beforehand what's going to happen. (Well, okay, I have an inkling, from things I've heard--but no more than that.)

I know I haven't said much about it thus far, but Versailles is actually a fascinating read as well. I'm finding myself completely drawn to the story of Marie Antoinette. This is probably no surprise to most of you, since everyone is fascinated by Marie Antoinette, but I confess I had sort of subconsciously commanded myself to find some other historical figure to be interested in, since Marie Antoinette already gets so much attention. Well, now I understand why all the attention, but I'm not as interested in her supposed "extravagance" (not nearly as much as the Louis's XIV, XV, and XVI!) as I am in other aspects of her life. But I'll save more on that for a review. Needless to say, I've been having a lot of fun with the books I've been reading!

Oh, but one more note: I actually decided to hold off on finishing Versailles tonight, even though I could very easily, because I have a lovely trip to the DMV planned for tomorrow (lucky me, getting all these field trips to government offices!) and I want something to read while I wait. (The Jane Austen collection is far too heavy--and precious, I might add--to be lugging all over town.) 

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